Taper Lock Bush

Taper Lock Bushing

Taper lock bushings are a proven method for securing drives to shafts. The simple design is easy to maintain, and it is a simple and easy on-and-off process. Taper lock bushings are available in a variety of bore sizes, including metric and imperial

About Taper Lock Bush Information

A tapered locking bushing is a simple and effective device that allows you to easily position pulleys, sprockets and other power transmission hubs along the shaft and then hold them in place. They are easy to install and easy to replace, ensuring you have no trouble adjusting their position or removing them for regular maintenance. They have a range of uses in different industries such as mining, agriculture and manufacturing as they are used to mount components on V-belt, synchro and roller chain drives. We stock EU budget brands of metric and imperial tapered locking bushings in different sizes.

Tapered bushings quickly align or lock pulleys, sprockets, or toothed couplings to the drive shaft. Tapered bushings are already provided with the required holes, keyways, tapped holes, and set screws, saving time and money in the machining process. Tapered locking bushings are reusable after replacement. We offer a variety of standard bushings and custom bores or keyways in metric or imperial sizes to meet customer-specific needs. Bushings are made of steel or cast iron.

Removal of a Taper Lock Bush

Disassembly of the taper lock bushing is as follows:
1. Remove all screws, oil threads, and the tip of the set screw or thread below the head of the cap screw.
2. Insert the screws into the threaded holes on the bushing side. In sizes that have washers under the screw head, be sure to use these washers. Note that there should always be one unused screw left when removing the bushing.
3. Alternately tighten the screws until the bushing is loose in the hub. If the bushing does not loosen immediately, tap the hub to assist removal.

Our Products

Conical locking bushings are made of steel or cast material and are designed to keep the overall length of sprockets, pulleys, and pulleys (including the hub) narrow. Their efficient design provides a narrow profile while also creating a tight grip/coupling for securing components to a specific shaft size. Our premium tapered locking bushings are precision manufactured to US standards and ISO dimensions, so they are interchangeable with other brands, and we stock all standard tapered locking bushing types in metric and imperial bores.


– No re-drilling and keyway costs.
– Save renovation time and cost.
– Eliminates precision taper mating keys.
– 239 bushing size/bore combinations are available.
– Interchangeable between multiple products.
– Tapered hole parts can be transferred to other diameter shafts by installing alternative holes.
– Disassembly and maintenance are convenient for component replacement.
– Accommodates shaft limits of +0.051 mm /-0.127mm.

The benefits of using a tapered lock bushing can be extended to include assemblies with parallel bores that are welded to the hub by incorporating tapered lock adapters, tapered lock bolts on the hub, or tapered locks welded to the hub.

Taper Lock Bush Features

◆ Material: cast iron, steel, or stainless steel, can be provided according to the customer’s special requirements

◆ Surface treatment: black phosphating or untreated primary color

◆ Easy to install and dismantle

◆ High machining accuracy

◆ Available in a variety of metric and imperial sizes

◆ OEM/ODM available


Automotive Industry

Fluid Industry

Construction Industry

Municipal Industry

Municipal Industry

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In addition to bearings and housings, we stock a wide range of engineered components, including inch taper lock bushings and metric taper lock bushings in various sizes and bores. We stock both imperial and metric tapered locking bushings so you can find the right part, no matter the age or origin of your equipment.


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